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Early Steam Age I (1920 - 1930)

This is initial era that the game starts in. When starting you have 4 different resources to transport: Passengers Icon passengers.png, Logs Icon logs.png, Timber Icon timber.png, and Coal Icon coal.png. To transport these resources, you have a range of: 3 locomotives, 3 passenger wagons and 6 freight wagons. To progress from the Early Steam Age to the Steam Age either the game time must reach the 1st of January 1930 or a payment of 100 Timber tokens Token timber.png and 100 Coal tokens Token coal.png to progress the ages earlier.

Era I Available Items

  • Porter
  • Baldwin
  • Russian
Commercial Wagons
  • Pullman
  • Coach Car
  • 1st Class Coach
Freight Wagons
  • Timber Wagons
    • Steudinger
    • Nossinger
  • Plank Wagons
    • Ronghoffer
  • Coal Wagons
    • Talbot
    • Linz
    • Faccs

Steam Age II (1930 - 1940)

When entering this Age; Iron Ore Mines, Foundries and Post Offices will appear in new locations on the map. These will provide 3 new resources to transport and the wagons to move them; Iron Ore Icon iron ore.png, Mail Icon mail.png and Iron Icon iron.png. Along side these, 2 new passenger wagons are unlocked as well as 3 new railway locomotives. Progression from the Steam age to the Early Diesel Age occurs either on the 1st of January 1940 or once a payment of 200 Timber tokens Token timber.png, 200 Coal tokens Token coal.png and 100 Iron tokens Token iron.png has been made in order to progress early.

Era II Available Items

  • Csd 321
  • Class 65
  • GS-2
Commercial Wagons
  • 2nd Class Coach
  • Dining Car
  • Post Wagons
    • Pwg PR-14
Freight Wagons
  • Iron Ore Wagons
    • Fischer
  • Iron Wagons
    • Ignaz Schustel
    • Schustel II

Early Diesel Age III (1940 - 1950)


  • Br 3
  • Bdz 52
  • Bdz 52+
  • Emd F3
Commercial Wagons
  • Goods Wagons
    • Opeln
    • Hiblns
Freight Wagons
  • Crude Oil Wagons
    • Hatch
    • Warren
  • Diesel Wagons
    • Hatch II
    • Warren II

Late Diesel Age IV (1950 - ??)

Currently entering this Era marks the end of the early access version of the game.