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Orders are given to a train to set the route that the train will take. The only time a train will not need orders is when it is on a line with only 2 stations, in this event, the train will automatically travel between the stations. If a third station is added to the line, this system no longer works, and the train will require orders.

Icon Add Order.pngAdd to Order List

With this setting you have 3 options to select:

Select a Station

By selecting a station on the route, the train will travel to that station and stop at one of the platforms. If there are multiple platforms that the locomotive can use, it will firstly choose the platform which requires the least deviation to get to, if that platform is occupied it will instead head for the next available platform at the station. The train will stop at the selected station regardless of whether the train is carrying the relevant wagons to transport the resources waiting at the station.

Select a Track Section (Waypoint)

This option involves selecting a single-track section on the route, the train will then always travel on a route that passes through the selected Waypoint. This function is useful with complex junctions and turning triangles, where there is a likelihood of the Train AI choosing an incorrect path. It is important to use waypoints to prevent sections being blocked by trains going the wrong way.

Select a Train Traveling to Copy the Route

By selecting another train, all the Orders on the route of that train will be put into the current order list. This option removes all previous orders in the list.

Icon Remove Order.pngRemove from Order List

Removes a selected Order from the Order List.

Icon Skip.pngSkip to Next Command

This skips the trains next order and causes it to move to the new selected location.

Icon Reverse.pngForce Turn Arround

Causes the train to change the direction of travel, after arriving at a Waypoint or Station.

Icon Full load.pngFull Load

Makes the train pick up a full load of cargo before leaving the station.

Icon Unload.pngForce Unload

Causes the train to unload all its cargo regardless of whether the train is carrying the relevant cargo for the stations Cargo requirements.