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Refinery Plain.png

The Refinery refines Crude Oil Icon oil.png into barrels of Diesel/Chemicals Icon diesel.png. Crude Oil Icon oil.png is produced by Oil Wells and needs to be transported to a Refinery in order to be converted into Diesel Icon diesel.png. This is then mainly used to produce Diesel Tokens Token diesel.png at the Factory. Also, Diesel Icon diesel.png is used as primary fuel in Oil Power Plant and as secondary fuel at Steelworks. Furthermore, diesel can be converted into chemical fertilizers at the Farm if you have Chemical Fertilizers extension built.
The Refinery is an Era III building, therefore when transitioning from the Steam Era to the Early Diesel Era several Refineries will appear in random locations across the map.


The base unit of the Refinery consumes 2 Crude Oil Icon oil.png and produces 1 barrel pf Diesel Icon diesel.png every Game tick. There are three extensions that can be added to the Refinery, two of which increase the conversion of Crude Oil Icon oil.png to Diesel Icon diesel.png. The third one, the Propane plant extension adds a new process to the Refinery that converts Crude Oil Icon oil.png into Goods Icon goods.png and Diesel tokens Token diesel.png. With all extensions added to a single Refinery, it will consume 8 Crude Oil Icon oil.png while producing an average of 6 Diesel Icon diesel.png, 0.67 Goods Icon goods.png and 0.33 Diesel tokens Token diesel.png every Game tick.
Some of the buildings can be connected to the electrical network E energy.png from Era 5 onward, which will further increase their production. The amount of electrification production bonus (if applicable) is shown in the brackets at each building.

The base production process for the Refinery is shown below:

Image Name Consumes Produces Ticks to
dimension (tiles)
Refinery.png Refinery 2 Icon oil.png 1 Icon diesel.png + (1 Icon diesel.png)E energy.png 1 2x3


Image Name Cost Consumes Produces Ticks to
Building dimension
at epoch
Propane plant.png Propane plant 500 Token money.png 3 Icon oil.png 2 Icon goods.png 1 Token diesel.png 3 1x2 -
Additional fractionation equipment.png Additional fractionation equipment 250 Token money.png
30 Token iron.png
3 Icon oil.png 3 Icon diesel.png 1 2x2 -
Research laboratory.png Research laboratory 100 Token diesel.png 2 Icon oil.png 2 Icon diesel.png + (2 Icon diesel.png)E energy.png 1 1x2 -