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Toolworks Default Model.PNG

The Toolworks is where all the initial tokens timber, coal and iron (Token timber.png Token coal.png Token iron.png) are gained. It does so by converting resources (Icon timber.png Icon coal.png Icon iron.png) - timber from the Sawmill, coal from the Coal Mine and iron from the Foundry. Each extension added to the Toolworks improves both the rate and the efficiency of conversion from resource to token.

The frequency and placement of Toolworks contributes significantly to the perceived difficulty of any given map.


The base Toolworks always consumes a fixed number of resources per Game tick: 3 Timber Icon timber.png, 4 Coal Icon coal.png or 3 Iron Icon iron.png, before taking the distance bonus into account. Each conversion is a separate process; therefore it can produce a single type of Token or all three types simultaneously.

With all the extensions added to the toolworks, it will be able to consume 10 Timber Icon timber.png, 9 Coal Icon coal.png and 9 Iron Icon iron.png per Game tick, producing 8 Wood Token timber.png, 4 Coal Token coal.png and 4 Iron Token iron.png tokens. However; the Product Storage extension requires all three resources together, so often the practical limit is one less of each.

The base building can be connected to the electrical network E energy.png from Era 5 onward, which will further increase its production while using more raw material. The amount of electrification production bonus is shown in the brackets.

The base building process is:

Image Name Consumes Produces Ticks to
Bonus distance
dimension (tiles)
Toolworks.png Toolworks (2 Icon timber.png)E energy.png + 4 Icon timber.png 2 Token timber.png + (1 Token timber.png)E energy.png 1 1 Token timber.png 50 1x2
(2 Icon coal.png)E energy.png + 3 Icon coal.png 1 Token coal.png + (1 Token coal.png)E energy.png 1 - -
(2 Icon iron.png)E energy.png + 3 Icon iron.png 1 Token iron.png + (1 Token iron.png)E energy.png 1 - -


Image Name Cost Consumes Produces Ticks to
Building dimension
at epoch
Heating plant.png Heating plant 85 Token timber.png 5 Icon coal.png 2 Token coal.png 1 1x1 -
Furniture workshop.png Furniture workshop 240 Token money.png 5 Icon timber.png 3 Token timber.png 1 1x2 -
Farm tools factory.png Farm tools factory 120 Token coal.png 5 Icon iron.png 2 Token iron.png 1 2x2 2
Product storage.png Product storage 80 Token iron.png 1 Icon timber.png + 1 Icon coal.png + 1 Icon iron.png 1 Token timber.png + 1 Token coal.png + 1 Token iron.png 1 1x2 2