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Toolworks Default Model.PNG

The Toolworks is where all the resources (Icon timber.png Icon coal.png Icon iron.png) in the game are converted into the relevant tokens (Token timber.png Token coal.png Token iron.png). The Toolworks also produces goods. Each extension added to the Toolworks improves both the rate and the efficiency of conversion from resource to token. The base Toolworks always consumes a fixed number of resources per Game tick: 3 Timber Icon timber.png, 4 Coal Icon coal.png or 3 Iron Icon iron.png. Each conversion is a separate process; therefore it can produce a single type of Token or all three types simultaneously.


The number of Tokens that a Toolworks returns for a particular resource changes between different buildings on the same map. As a result, it is always worth looking at all the Toolworks on the map and finding out which converts a particular resource the best. For example, within the same map two Toolworks had the following base operations:

Toolworks 1 with a high conversion Toolworks 2 with a low conversion

This shows that in a single map, between two separate Toolworks, one can produce 3 times as many Iron Tokens Token iron.png for every three units of Iron Icon iron.png supplied. This effect does not only affect Iron Icon iron.png: Coal Icon coal.png and Timber Icon timber.png can both have different conversion rates between Toolworks. Extensions work is in a similar manner, as each extension will provide higher number of Tokens at one Toolworks than the same extension for a different Toolworks on the map. In the case of both the base Toolworks and extensions, the number of resources required remains constant with the number tokens received changing between buildings. The only exception to this is the product storage extension which always has a 1 to 1 conversion on all three resources.


Image Extension Information Consumes Produces Building Tile Size
Toolworks Heating Plant.png Toolworks Extensions Heating Plant.PNG The Heating Plant improves Coal token Token coal.png production 6 Coal Icon coal.png 1 to 7 Coal Tokens Token coal.png 1x1
Toolworks Furniture Workshop.png Toolworks Extensions Furniture Workshop.PNG The Furniture Workshop improves Timber token Token timber.png production 5 Timber Icon timber.png 1 to 7 Timber Tokens Token timber.png 2x1
Toolworks Farm Tools Factory.png Toolworks Extensions Farm Tools Factory.PNG The Farm Tools Factory improves Iron token Token iron.png production 5 Iron Icon iron.png 1 to 10 Iron Tokens Token iron.png 2x2
Toolworks Product Storage.png Toolworks Extensions Product Storage.PNG The Product Storage improves Timber token Token timber.png, Coal token Token coal.png and Iron token Token iron.png production 1 Timber Icon timber.png + 1 Coal Icon coal.png + 1 Iron Icon iron.png 1 Timber Token Token timber.png + 1 Coal Token Token coal.png + 1 Iron Token Token iron.png 2x1