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Factory Plain.png

The Factory building converts specific resources to Goods Icon goods.png and Diesel Tokens Token diesel.png or Timber Tokens Token timber.png. The base Factory always consumes a fixed number of resources per Game tick: 3 Diesel Icon diesel.png, or 2 Timber Icon timber.png and 1 Iron Icon iron.png. Each conversion is a separate process, therefore it can produce a single type of Token or both types simultaneously. The Factory is an Era III building, therefore when transitioning from the Steam Era to the Early Diesel Era several Factories will appear in random locations across the map.


The base unit of the Factory has three processes:
The first process consumes 3 Diesel Icon diesel.png and produces 1 Goods Icon goods.png and 2 Diesel Tokens Token diesel.png every Game tick.
The second process consumes 3 Timber Icon timber.png and produces 1 Goods Icon goods.png every Game tick.
The third process consumes 3 Steel Icon steel.png and produces 1 Goods Icon goods.png and 2 Steel Tokens Token steel.png every Game tick.

The base production process for the Factory is shown below:

Factory Plain Details.png


Image Extension Consumes Produces No. of Ticks to Complete Building Tile Size
Factory Fertiliser plant.png Factory Fertiliser plant Details.png 5 Diesel Icon diesel.png 2 Goods Icon goods.png + 2 Diesel Tokens Token diesel.png 2 Ticks 2x2
Factory Dye plant.png Factory Dye plant Details.png 2 Diesel Icon diesel.png 1 Goods Icon goods.png + 1 Diesel Token Token diesel.png 1 Ticks 2x1
Factory Dye plant.png Factory Barrel Manufacturing Plant Details.png 2 Steel Icon steel.png 1 Goods Icon goods.png + 1 Steel Token Token steel.png 1 Ticks TBA