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Forest Default Model.PNG

The Forest is the primary source of Logs Icon logs.png, which are used by Sawmills in order to produce Timber Icon timber.png. Charcoal kiln extension to the Forest will allow it to also produce a limited amount of Coal Icon coal.png. All the resources that the forest produces can be transported either by rail using Log Transporter Wagons and Coal Wagons or by Logging Trucks and Coal transporting trucks.


The base version of the Forest generates 1 Log Icon logs.png per Game tick. Three extensions can be added to the forest in order to increase the Log Icon logs.png production of the forest, of these extensions the "Clearing" provides the largest overall increase in production. The fourth one, the Charcoal Kiln adds Coal Icon coal.png production to the forest. This extension is best used in conjunction with the Steam Sawmill extension of the Sawmill by adding a single Coal Wagon to the logging train, as it will supply the Steam Sawmill with the necessary coal to operate. With all the extensions added to the forest, it will produces roughly 3.16 Logs Icon logs.png and 1 Coal Icon coal.png per Game tick.
Some of the buildings can be connected to the electrical network E energy.png from Era 5 onward, which will increase their production. The amount of electrification production bonus (if applicable) is shown in the brackets at each extension

Image Name Consumes Produces Ticks to
dimension (tiles)
Forest.png Forest - 1 Icon logs.png 1 Random shape
(5 tiles total)


  • A single Sawmill can easily serve two or even three Forests. One Toolworks, however, can't keep up with a maximized Sawmill, so you might settle for 2 Forests --> 1 Sawmill --> 1 Toolworks. There is no easy configuration that does not waste a bit of capacity at some end (either you'll overproduce timber or you will not use the Sawmill's full capacity).
  • The Steam Sawmill only needs 1 coal for about 8 logs (since it only accelerates 3 out of those 8 logs), so only one out of roughly three Forests need a Charcoal Kiln to keep the Sawmill operating at maximum capacity. Use more and you'll see your Sawmill station overflowing with coal. What you can do, however, is add coal wagons to your timber trains. This way you can transport excess coal along to the Toolworks. Just set those trains to "fully load" (otherwise they won't pick up cargo that is consumed by the station)


The Deforestation Challenge will spawn a new "super Forest" that produces 4 Logs Icon logs.png and 1 Coal Icon coal.png per tick for the duration of the challenge. The challenge requires the player to remove 1000 Logs Icon logs.png from the specified forest within 10 years of being issued the challenge. Postponing the challenge will not extend the original deadline, it will merely postpone the start, thus giving you less time to complete it.

Note that when the challenge is completed (or 10 years pass) the forest will be reduced to normal production.


Image Name Cost Consumes Produces Ticks to
Building dimension
at epoch
Tree nursery.png Tree nursery 100 Token money.png - 1 Icon logs.png 2 1x2 -
Lumberjack's storage.png Lumberjack's storage 50 Token money.png
75 Token timber.png
- 2 Icon logs.png + (2 Icon logs.png)E energy.png 3 1x2 -
Clearing.png Clearing 80 Token coal.png - 1 Icon logs.png 1 1x2 -
Charcoal kiln.png Charcoal kiln 20 Token iron.png - 1 Icon coal.png + (1 Icon coal.png)E energy.png 1 1x1 2