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Help page for contribution to Mashinky wiki.

Before editing, it's good to read the following text. We want the Mashinky Wiki to be an up-to-date and clear source of information about the game and everything around it. Therefore, the following rules must be respected.

The Mashinky Wiki is governed by wiki rules, which means that anyone can edit any unprotected page and instantly improve articles for all readers. Just register. However, there are pages like the Main Page that are protected from editing. Protected pages have a tab View source instead of Edit. If you need to edit a protected page or if you need any other help, please contact the Wiki Editors via Discord or on their Talk page.

Creating a page

Before creating a page, make sure that the topic is not already in the wiki. The topic can exist under a different name. In addition, the page should be categorized correctly. See also page editing.

Editing a page

Editing most pages is easy. We use the wiki markup (wikitext) to format the text. This is used to tag links, insert images, tables, quotes, etc. The easiest way to use it is to look at an existing page where there is similar content to what you want to create. The pages should look as uniform as possible. In any case, it is necessary to edit the pages so that the encyclopedic style is preserved. The content should give readers insight, be on topic and be without personal opinions. If you use a source of information from a source other than the game itself, it is ideally necessary to list the source of this information so that it is easily traceable and verifiable. It is strongly recommended that you copy the original page code into an external text editor, preferably without formatting - such as Notepad. In case something goes wrong, you can immediately return the original page layout. It is also a good idea to keep your edits up to date. For example, when a browser crashes, it can save you a lot of work when you have secured it.

Minor edits

Marking edits as Minor means that you've only made minor edits on the page. These are changes that do not change the content of the article. It can be grammar repair, changes to text formatting, etc. The editors are aware that this change does not need to be thoroughly checked. However, these changes are important and valued. They make articles better.

Major edits

All other adjustments, even if it were a single word that changes the meaning of an article, are considered as fundamental modifications. Do not worry about editing, but think well before you make alterations. If there is a discussion about the article, it is good to take into account the opinions of other users and their proposed modifications. Remember that larger adjustments will be reviewed and reflect the current needs of both community and game itself. If you do not respect the above rules, you will increase the chance that your edits will be rejected or redesigned to match the needs of this wiki.

Before you save the page, use Show preview to make sure the page looks exactly the way you want. Fill in a short summary of your editing in the Summary field below the editor. If you have done this, click the Save page button to store the page. Your edits to the page will now be visible for other users.

Adding links

If you are referring to content in another part of the wiki, it is good to refer to that page by creating a link. For more information see Links and URLs.

Adding pictures, videos, and sounds

Before adding multimedia files, make sure it is not already in the wiki. To add media to the wiki use Upload file. You can use media in pages with the syntax: [[File:FILENAME.EXT|thumb|DESCRIPTION]]".

For displaying images it is preferable to replace "File:" with "Image:", but both work. More information: Images

Discussion pages

Each article on the Wiki has a discussion page that can be accessed by clicking on the Talk tab located above the title. Here users can discuss about improving the article. If you make a change that is returned or changed by someone else, discuss the change on the discussion page! There can always be a compromise. Respect the opinions of others, be polite. Others may be right, and your truth is not always the best. Aggressive behavior and transcription of articles against the will of others will not be tolerated.

Most other types of Wiki pages also have associated forums, including a user page. If other editors need to contact you, they usually do this by leaving a message on your discussion page. When someone leaves you a message, you will see a notification to inform you about this.

Sign your posts in discussions using four tildes (~~~~). This will create your signature, consisting of a username and a Time and Date stamp.

Resource Icon list

Wherever you mention raw materials, products, or tokens please use relevant icons. The recommended icon size in the text is 16px.

Example: 1 Coal Token Token coal.png, 1 Timber Token Token timber.png, 1 Iron Token Token iron.png

Image Image name Category
Token money.png token money.png Tokens
Token timber.png token timber.png Tokens
Token coal.png token coal.png Tokens
Token iron.png token iron.png Tokens
Token diesel.png token diesel.png Tokens
Token steel.png token steel.png Tokens
Token energy.png token energy.png Tokens
Token cement.png token cement.png Tokens
Token superconductors.png token superconductors.png Tokens
Icon passengers.png icon passengers.png Cargo types
Icon mail.png icon mail.png Cargo types
Icon oil.png icon oil.png Cargo types
Icon goods.png icon goods.png Cargo types
Icon uranium.png icon uranium.png Cargo types
Icon logs.png icon logs.png Cargo types
Icon timber.png icon timber.png Cargo types
Icon diesel.png icon diesel.png Cargo types
Icon iron ore.png icon iron ore.png Cargo types
Icon coal.png icon coal.png Cargo types
Icon cobblestone.png icon cobblestone.png Cargo types
Icon iron.png icon iron.png Cargo types
Icon steel.png icon steel.png Cargo types
Icon superconductors.png icon superconductors.png Cargo types
Icon energy.png icon energy.png Cargo types
Icon cement.png icon cement.png Cargo types
Icon cobalt.png icon cobalt.png Cargo types
Icon gold.png icon gold.png Cargo types