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Current Gameplay

An example of a what apears on a map at the start of the game

When new game is loaded, a randomly generated isometric map is created. This map is shaped in accordance to the chosen density of hills, forests and water bodies selected on the start menu. Distributed across the map is number of Towns, resources (Coal Mines, Forests etc.) and industries (Sawmills, Toolworks etc.). The purpose of the game is to build a transportation system to link these various settlements/industries together to produce money and more complex resources.

As time progresses through the game, the number of resources and technology available to you increases. Initially players are only able to purchase weak slow steam engines, however with progression; diesel, electric, monorails and even maglev trains will become available. Alongside these, new resources become available, including: Iron, Oil, Steel, Concrete, Nuclear power and Super-conductors.

Mashinky is a sandbox experience. Your progress through the game is indicated through various quests that you can complete (or ignore), as well as your progression through the different game Ages. Upon reaching the final age, the game doesn't end and allows you to play with your creations, improving them endlessly. Additional content will also become available through the recent addition of Steam Workshop support.

Transporting and Building

Currently, Trains are the main means of transportation in Mashinky. The player uses Passenger trains to convey passengers between towns to generate money from tickets, delivering passengers also causes the towns to grow, resulting in a greater money-making potential. Freight trains can transport a variety of cargo between the various industrial facilities on the map. At the end of the production chain, the resources will be converted into a resource specific currency, which is required for purchasing better vehicles, building extensions for stations and industries and upgrading railways for your company.

Both player-built facilities and all industries include a variety of Extensions which allow to further upgrade various statistics, like the amount of resources produced or loading speed of trains. Some extensions are also purely cosmetical and allow you to shape the look of your stations.

Railway tracks can travel parallel to the grid as well as diagonally across the grid. The game uses block signals as well as chain signals to control the flow of the traffic. Block signals are the main tool and stop a train if the section of track ahead of the signal is occupied. Chain signals check not only the section ahead, but the next signal in line aswell. Signals are necessary for a connected railway network and allow building of more complex and efficient railways. As the game progresses, players will find themselves managing the railways, upgrading and redesigning them to accomodate for the increasing amount of trains, while also solving train lock-ups caused by previous design mistakes.

Finally, when all your work is done and you feel that your railway is complete, there's nothing better than jumping inside one of your trains and enjoying the ride!

Roads and Towns

Roads currently serve as a vital part of each town. Towns will automatically place new roads as they grow, adding new buildings and increasing the population. Player can also build roads to control and manipulate the shape of towns to his liking. Roads will also serve as another means of transportation with the use of Trucks and Buses, which will be added along with Ships and Airplanes in the future updates.


Apart from creating railways and roads, player can also affect the map layout. You can lower, raise and level the terrain and plant trees. With sufficient funding, a flat land can be turned into a mountain and vice versa. Thoughtful use of these features allows you to create scenical experiences for your train rides and beautiful industrial landscapes to capture as screenshots.

In game features

  • Experience the addictive gameplay on an isometric grid based map where every change of a traffic layout is a rewarding puzzle.
  • Enjoy a realistic 3D landscape. Ride one of your trains or just get mesmerized by the things you have built.
  • Invent new vehicles or buildings. Extend or customize your transport imperium. Choose your own strategy based on current world opportunities.
  • See the evolutionary historic moments and grow your business through the ages. From simple steam to modern railways. From wood to superconductors.