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(This is historical picture kept here just for a reference)

Post Office.png

Both the Post Office look and its processes have been updated during the large city update in June 2021

Post Offices on the map will trade Mail Icon mail.png between themselves, or rather between the stations having a Post Office in their catchment zones. Delivery of the mail Icon mail.png will earn Money Tokens Token money.png. Moreover, mail delivery contributes to the town growth.

Post Offices only appear in Era II, the Steam Era. During the transition between Era I and Era II, Post Offices will appear in each towns across the map. Post Office has fixed reserved size of 2x1 squares even if at level 1 the actual building is only 1x1.

Mail delivery follows the same rules as passenger delivery, depending on the Passenger Destination parameter in Game Settings. The transfer between different trucks and trains happens automatically similarly to transfer of the passengers. Do not use Full load / Unload commands for mail.


Once a post office is within the catchment area of a station, two processes will begin. The first process takes Mail Icon mail.png that has been delivered to the station, brings it to the post office and converts it into Money Tokens Token money.png at a rate of 1 piece of Mail Icon mail.png for 3 Money Tokens Token money.png per 80 squares of distance traveled.

The second process produces 1-4 pieces of Mail Icon mail.png per 2 game ticks. The Mail is then sent to the nearby station, ready for collection by a train pulling Mail Wagons or by Mail carrying trucks.

The number of Mail Icon mail.png produced depends on the level of the Post office. Post office has 3 levels changing automatically as your city grows. Moreover, at level 3 there is an extra electrification bonus E energy.png if you connect the Post Office to your electrical network E energy.png.

Post Office Levels

You can see the progress towards next level in the Post Office Info Window

Level Image Production Status / Progress to the next level # Mails Produced City Size
1 Post 1.png Post 1a.png 1 Mail Icon mail.png 1-9
2 Post 2.png Post 2a.png 2 Mails Icon mail.pngIcon mail.png 10-29
3 Post 3.png Post 3a.png 3 Mails Icon mail.pngIcon mail.pngIcon mail.png 30+
3 + E energy.png Post 3ele.png Post 3b.png 4 Mails Icon mail.pngIcon mail.pngIcon mail.pngIcon mail.png 30+


There are currently no extensions available for the Post Office.