Coal Mine

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Coal Mine Default Model.PNG

The Coal Mine is the main source of Coal Icon coal.png, which can be sent for processing at a Toolworks to become Coal Tokens Token coal.png or it can be combined with Iron Ore Icon iron ore.png at a Foundry to create Iron Icon iron.png and Coal Tokens Token coal.png.


The base version of the Coal Mine generates 1 Coal Icon coal.png per Game tick. The capacity of the mine can be extended using 4 extension buildings that can be built on adjacent tiles to the base Coal Mine building. Three of the extensions provide a increase to the Coal Icon coal.png output of the mine, of all extensions the "Second headframe" provides the largest increase to Coal Icon coal.png production. The "Timber Tunnel Supports" extension adds a new process that consumes Timber Icon timber.png while providing a large increase to Coal Icon coal.png production. When all extensions are built around a Coal Mine, it consumes 0.5 Timber Icon timber.png and produces 6 Coal Icon coal.png Per Game tick.


Extension Information Consumes Produces No. of Ticks to Complete Building Tile Size
Coal Mine Extensions Coal Storage.PNG The Coal Storage None 1 Coal Icon coal.png 2 Ticks 2x1
Coal Mine Extensions Maintenance Shed.PNG The Maintenance Shed None 1 Coal Icon coal.png 1 Tick 1x1
Coal Mine Extensions Timber Tunnel Supports.PNG The Timber Tunnel Supports 1 Timber Icon timber.png 3 Coal Icon coal.png 2 Ticks 1x1
Coal Mine Extensions Second Headframe.PNG The Second Headframe None 2 Coal Icon coal.png 1 Tick 1x1