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Sawmill Plain.png

The Sawmill building converts Logs Icon logs.png to Timber Icon timber.png which has a variety of uses. Logs Icon logs.png are produced by forests and need to be delivered to a sawmill in order to be converted into Timber Icon timber.png.

Timber is a versatile resource that is required for Token production, Improving Efficiency and completing challenges. Timber can be delivered to: Toolworks, Coal Mines, Iron Ore Mines and the Ruined Church.


The base unit of the Sawmill consumes 3 Logs Icon logs.png and produces 2 Timber Icon timber.png every Game tick. Three of the extensions that can be added to the sawmill increase the capacity of the Log Icon logs.png to Timber Icon timber.png process. The steam Sawmill extension provides a large production bonus, however it requires an additional resource of coal Icon coal.png to work. The Toyshop extension adds a new process to the sawmill that converts Logs Icon logs.png into Money Tokens Token money.png. With all extensions added to a single sawmill, the building will consume roughly 9.13 Logs Icon logs.png and 1 Coal Icon coal.png while producing 8.43 Timber Icon timber.png and 2 Money Tokens Token money.png every Tick.

The base production process for the sawmill is shown below:

Sawmill Plain Details.png


Image Extension Consumes Produces No. of Ticks to Complete Building Tile Size
Sawmill Employee Quarters.png Sawmill Employee Quarters Details.png 1 Log Icon logs.png 1 Timber Icon timber.png 3 Ticks 1x1
Sawmill Toyshop.png Sawmill Toyshop Details.png 1 Log Icon logs.png 2 Money Tokens Token money.png 1 Tick 1x1
Sawmill Storage.png Sawmill Storage Details.png 2 Logs Icon logs.png 1 Timber Icon timber.png 2 Ticks 2x2
Sawmill Steam.png Sawmill Steam Details.png 1 Coal Icon coal.png + 3 Logs Icon logs.png 5 Timber Icon timber.png 1 Tick 2x1
Drying storage.png Drying storage Details.png 4 Logs Icon logs.png 3 Timber Icon timber.png 5 Ticks 3x1