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The Railway Depot is where trains can be purchased, renovated and sold. Every train needs to start with at least one Engine at the front of the train, followed by any number and types of Wagons and possibly more Engines. There is currently no limit on the number of locomotives in single train.

The selections of Engines' and Wagons available at the depot increases with both progressing Eras as well as building the Engine Works Extension.

When building a Railway Depot, it will automatically connect to any nearby railway lines, either forming a single junction or a turning triangle, depending on the space available and orientation, at least if you haven't disabled this in Advanced settings.

There are two types of railroad depots - regular depots and electrified ones. You need to electrify your depot in 5th era to be able to purchase and use electric trains. While the depot window will by then offer a button to do this upgrade, you can also simply upgrade the rail leading into the depot, and the depot itself will be upgraded along with the piece of rail.

You will find the filters very convenient to let you see all wagons that can carry coal or mail, for instance, without the clutter of every other type of wagon.

Depots are crucial in one other respect: Renovating and upgrading older engines. Please see Vehicle Aging for a detailed explanation why you need to send trains to your depots before their fuel costs explode.


  • if you've enabled Only one depot (in Advanced game setting), you will not be able to either move or demolish it after building it. Choose the location wisely. Remember you will be sending trains from the depot to all corners of the map eventually, not only in your starting area.
  • If you build two (or more) depots right next to each other they count as a single depot (much like how two adjacent platforms form a single station). You can place signals in and out in front of the doors of such multi-entry depot, assigning some tracks as entry points and some other as exit points. With careful layout, you can send multiple trains to depot for renovation (see Vehicles Aging for more info) without clogging the rail network nearby.
  • If you choose the "Only one depot" game option, you might expect a logistical nightmare for larger networks (when you have hundreds of trains), but also much more fun and much bigger challenge than with multiple depots.
  • Even if you allow yourself many depots, there is a hard limit of 256 depots coded into the game. Note: even bulldozed depots count against this number.


Extension Information Purchase Cost Building Tile Size
Depot Engine Works.png Upgraded locomotives and wagons are being built here 50 Token timber.png
50 Token coal.png

Available Trains

Depot Interface