Renovation and Upgrade

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The game offers easy and simple renovation of your aging vehicles. Everything is directed from the Replace window.

"Renovate" means just replacing with an engine of the same model as the old one (where you pay a reduced cost instead of the full purchase cost). Even if the train you wish to renovate is an old train, for renovations it is always available even if you can't buy it in the depot as a new train anymore. However; you might decide, that you want to replace it for a newer model instead, and thus that your "renovation" turns into a "replacement". Both terms refer to the exact same procedure, however.


Open any* vehicle or depot window and you will find Replace button with Replace Icon.png on the bottom margin, which opens the Replace window:

*) No need to open a depot that the train can reach. The train will be sent to a depot that it can actually reach, not necessarily the depot you're using for this screen.

Replace Info.png

  • Select type of the vehicle on the bottom
  • Select the old, to be replaced model in the left lower list
  • Select the new model in the middle lower list
    • If you've selected the same model, it will be Renovation for flat rate of 100 Token money.png
    • If you've selected a different model, it will be considered Upgrade/Replacement and the cost (and stat differences) will be shown between those two lists
  • Click on ADD in the middle of the bottom window frame
  • Your selected vehicle will appear in upper left window and ALL vehicles of that type which you own will be listed in the right list
  • You can repeat these steps for multiple models if you so desire
  • Finally, either click on Replace Icon ( Replace Icon.png ) at the vehicle you wish to replace OR
  • Click on the Apply to all button in the right lower corner, to replace all listed vehicles.

Vehicles marked for replacement will be automatically sent to their respective depots and replaced with new selected models (if you have enough of resources to buy those new models, otherwise the vehicle will wait in the depot until such resources are available) and then they will continue to the next destination on their route lists.


  • Even long after your engine has been discontinued (=not available for new purchases), you can still renovate it
  • If you play with single depot, the train depot area might get really congested if you send some 10+ Trains to replace all at once. There is usually no such problem with even large volume of Road vehicles.
  • This screen is built on the assumption you will just want to renovate/replace the engine, but otherwise keep everything the same. This is, however, often not the case. If you want to add more cargo cars to take advantage of a more powerful engine, for instance. Or if you otherwise would like to examine your trains once they have reached the depot. In such cases you have to send engines to the depot manually rather than using the Replace window.
  • The game offers only a limited selection of late-era diesels. You will find that for old steam and diesel trains your replacement options are quite limited unless you electrify that part of your line.