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Station Plain.png

Station for loading / unloading trains. All transportable items are stored on stations instead of the corresponding mine/industry/factory building.

Maximum station size is 6 tiles by default (without any upgrades). It means that station and all it's extensions must fit into 6x6 tiles area.


The station extensions are identical for both road and railway stations. The following Extensions are available:

Image Extension Information Size Unlocked
at epoch
Station Waiting Room.png Station Extensions Waiting Room.png A basic building with shelter for passengers. Increases catchment area of the station from 2 to 4 tiles. 2x1 1
Station Frieght Station.png Station Extensions Freight Station.png Basic freight handling facilities. Its bonus applies for mail, too. 2x1 1
Station Restaurant.png Station Extensions Restaurant.png Passengers get hungry waiting for trains - keep them happy here. 2x1 1
Station Storage Building.png Station Extensions Storage Building.png Building additional storage increases the total cargo a station can handle. 2x1 1
Station Signal Box.png Station Extensions Signal Box.png Building a signal box increases the maximum size of the station from 6x6 to 8x8 tiles. 1x1 1
Station Coal Hopper.png Station Extensions Coal Hopper.png Coal hopper speeds up coal loading/unloading and increase also coal storage capacity. 2x1 2
Station Iron Ore Hopper.png Station Extensions Iron Ore Hopper.png Iron ore hopper speeds up iron ore loading/unloading and increase also iron ore storage capacity. 2x1 2
Station Hotel.png Station Extensions Hotel.png Hotel means more tourists and visitors. Increases the capacity for passengers and boosts the income. 2x1 6
Station Warehouse.png Station Extensions Warehouse.png Increases storage capacity for any freight. 2x1 6
Station Signal Tower.png Station Extensions Signal Tower.png More staff can run larger stations safely. Increases the max. size of the station by 2. 2x1 6
Station Sorting.png Station Extensions Sorting.png Sorting the waste before disposing of it is always good idea. Decreasing the negative garbage zone by 1. 1x1 6
Station Dump.png Station Extensions Dump.png Nobody wants garbage scattered everywhere. Increases the garbage storing capacity. 2x2 6


Decorations do not add any functionality to the station but they will extend the catchment area in the direction they are built. Furthermore they enhance the visual appealing of the station exactly as decorations should. Decorations also work as placeholders for the station upgrades = you can build station upgrade directly over the decoration, no need to bulldoze the decoration first.
Stations can be upgraded with the following Decorations:

Image Extension Size
Station Platform.png Station Extensions Platform.png 1x1
Station Shelter.png Station Shelter Info.png 1x1
Station Tree.png Station Tree info.png 1x1
Station Flowers.png Station flowers info.png 1x1


Stations can accept and decline different cargo types.

Example Information
Accept Produce Reward.png The player can decide which cargo types are accepted for import and which are produced to export. To stop accepting or producing a specific item, move the mouse over the check-mark icon so it becomes selected. Then click on the check-mark icon, it will change to a cross icon to show that the item is now denied. Click on the cross icon to make the item available again.
Note: You cannot turn off the station acceptance of the Garbage Icon waste.png. If there is building producing garbage Icon waste.png in the catchment area of the station, it will get accumulated at the station, no matter what.

Multiple Platforms

Multi Platform 1.png Multi platform 2.png Multi Platform 3.png
You can build many combinations of multiple platforms stations up to the maximum size of 6x6 (without Signal box or Signal tower). There is only one rule you should always follow: To prevent blocking of the station by trains waiting for their load you should have always one more platform than the total number of trains servicing that station with "Full Load" command in their route list. If you can't or don't want to to add an extra platform, make sure at least one of these trains does not have "Full Load" command even if that means it might run half-full sometimes. Otherwise all platforms will get blocked by partially loaded trains eventually, without a free platform for the train bringing the raw materials for the production.

The (advanced) alternative is to have at least one track reserved for trains that bring needed raw materials for production. That is, a track trains that will await a "full load" can't reach.