Road Stations

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Road Station.png

Station for loading / unloading road vehicles. All transportable items are stored on stations instead of the corresponding mine/industry/factory building.

Maximum station size is 6 tiles by default. It means that station and all it's extensions must fit into 6x6 tiles area.


Stations can be upgraded with the same extensions as train stations: Extensions

Railroad Crossing

Railroad Crossing open.png

All crossings between railway and roadway are protected by automated gates / barriers. These gates are operated by incoming train using the last train signal before the crossing. The gate closes instantly when the train passes the signal, but there is time needed for any road vehicle caught on the crossing to clear it. It can't magically teleport past the tracks, it must continue to drive away, just like in real life situation. Make sure to place the last train signal NO LESS than 8 squares before the crossing, or even more for faster trains in later eras, otherwise the collision is inevitable. Remember, the train always wins, like in real life.

Railroad Crossing closed.png

Combined Stations

Combo station1.png

If you place road and rail stations in the way they touch each other by at least one square (not a corner), they will become a single station sharing cargo for all trains and road vehicles stopping there. This is a necessity if you want to transfer cargo between trucks and trains either manually (hub type of station) or automatically (for mail and/or passengers using Passenger Destination) The road station does not have to touch the actual platform. Being adjacent to any station building will create the combined station as well.

Combo station2.png

You can use the station decorations and extension buildings to create many different, visually appealing, complex stations. Also, the road and train platforms don't need to be parallel. Let your imagination and creativity run wild.

Combo station3.png