Sand Quarry

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Sand Quarry Default.png

The Sand Quarry is the only source of Sand Icon sand.png. Sand can be sent for processing at the Steelworks together with Iron Icon iron.png and Coal Icon coal.png or Diesel Icon diesel.png to create Steel Icon steel.png.
Sand Icon sand.png is also used mixed with cement Icon cement.png in Concrete Plant to make Cement Tokens Token cement.png. If you play with Random Quests Enabled (see GameSettingsIco32.png Game Settings), then you will receive quest Glassworks in 5th Era, where you can deliver Sand Icon sand.png to Glassworks building to produce Goods Icon goods.png.


The base version of the Sand Quarry generates 2 units of Sand Icon sand.png per every two Game ticks. There are 2 extensions that can be built on adjacent tiles to the base building that improve the Sand Icon sand.png production.

Some of the buildings can be connected to the electrical network E energy.png from Era 5 onward, which will increase their production. The amount of electrification production bonus (if applicable) is shown in the brackets at each extension.

The base Sand Quarry production is:

Image Name Consumes Produces Ticks to
dimension (tiles)
Sand quarry.png Sand quarry - 2 Icon sand.png + (1 Icon sand.png)E energy.png 2 Random shape
(9 tiles total)


Image Name Cost Consumes Produces Ticks to
Building dimension
at epoch
Sand storage.png Sand storage 120 Token money.png - 1 Icon sand.png 2 1x3 -
Workers' accommodation.png Workers' accommodation 400 Token money.png
160 Token coal.png
- 1 Icon sand.png + (1 Icon sand.png)E energy.png 1 1x2 -