"Deforestation" Forest

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Other Deforestation.png

The "Deforestation" Forest is a unique Forest that appears shortly after finishing the "Delivery of Timber" Challenge. This unique aspect of this forest is that it acts as though all 4 extensions have been built onto the forest without any of the extensions being built. The effects of this building stack on top of any normal extensions subsequently added to the Forest.


The base versions of the "Deforestation" Forest produces roughly 3.16 Logs Icon logs.png and 1 Coal Icon coal.png per Game tick. However, as all four of the normal forest extensions stack on top of the base values, the total maximum output of the "Deforestation" Forest with all extensions is: 5.32 Logs Icon logs.png and 2 Coal Icon coal.png per Game tick.


The Deforestation Challenge requires the removal of 1000 logs from the "Deforestation" Forest within a 10 Year time period. When the quest starts a randomly selected Forest on the map will become the "Deforestation" Forest. Once all 1000 logs have been removed, the quest is succesfully completed. When the quest ends, either to success or failure, the "Deforestation" Forest returns to being a normal Forest.