Waste Processing Facility

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Overview Icon Waste processing facility.png

(Please note, this page is accurate for 6th era. It has been announced that this facility will get more extensions in 7th era and the page will get updated then)

Waste processing facility all.png

Waste Processing Facility helps you to deal with the city waste Icon waste.png.
The base facility just gets rid of the garbage Icon waste.png, it will give you no products at all. You can build an Incinerator extension which will get rid of more units of garbage Icon waste.png per tick and it will also increase the network capacity to electrify Link=Electrification your industries.
Beware of the fact that the Incinerator increases pollution zone around the whole facility by 2.

Base building process is:

Image Name Consumes Produces Ticks to
dimension (tiles)
Waste processing facility.png Waste processing facility 6 Icon waste.png Nothing 2 2x3


Image Name Cost Consumes Produces Ticks to
Building dimension
at epoch
Incinerator.png Incinerator 1000 Token cement.png
200 Token steel.png
10 Icon waste.png 3 Link=Electrification 1 2x2 6