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You can access the quest window by pressing F6, by clicking on the quest icon in the game menu or by clicking on any quests tab shown on left lower corner of the screen, just above the tokens summary.


You can select any available quest on the left side of the window and read its description and task. If the quest request relates to a specific town or building or vehicle, clicking on the name will re-focus the map to the specific location There are two buttons on the bottom of the window:

  • Postpone - will temporarily hide the quest. The quest will re-appear in about 3 game months time. Please note, if there is a deadline to fulfill the task, the deadline remains as originally set. (You cannot get more time to complete a timed quest by postponing it)
  • Refuse - will permanently delete the quest from the quest list. Sometimes the Refuse button gets disabled, such as by waiting until a new Era before trying to refuse a quest.

Also, after you finish the task, the info in "Reward" section will become a button and by clicking on it you will collect the reward. Sometimes the reward is in the form of vehicles (engines and wagons) and then you collect it by visiting any Depot and looking in the Rewards tab.