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Town buildings

Town Square

The town square is the base building of each town. It cannot be deleted by player and is randomly placed on the newly generated map. Each time you move to a new time Age, a few more towns are randomly generated.

Town square has 3 visual levels depending on the town size and is leveling automatically as the town grows.

Level In Game View Town size
1 City Square.png 1-14
2 City square 2.png 15-50
3 City square 3.png 51+

Also, as the town grows, the Town Square will develop City Extension zones around itself and these zones will continue to grow in size. You can see the progress towards next "zone upgrade" in the Town Square info window: Click on the town square and select the first tab

City stat.png

You will see different goal for each of the City Extension zone. Please note, that the Luxury zone will activate only if you electrify E energy.png the Town Square.


Church is a special residential building, which might spawn early in the game in a city. There will never be more than one church in each town (not including the "abandoned church" special building). Church has two visual levels which change as the game progresses, while its processes remain unchanged. Church generates 10 passengers Icon passengers.png each 15 game ticks. This means a church equals at least four houses at start, making the church a significant contributor of passengers, at least in early eras for small towns.

Level In Game View Era
1 Church 1.png 1-3
2 Church 2.png 4-7


There are 4 residential building which have 4 functional levels. Also, as the game progresses, the buildings age and become more modern during the move from Era III to Era IV. This change is only visual though, the processes change only with real level increase. Level 4 is available only in the modern version, because it requires electrification (available only from Era V). You can change the level (up or down) of any of the houses by building or demolishing the City Extensions, please refer to that page for more details.

Each house generate number of passengers Icon passengers.png equal to its level. Number of game ticks is different for each house and remains constant in levels 1-3. Level 4 adds a boost by shortening the generating time by one game tick.
Level 4 buildings produce Garbage Icon waste.png which you have to take away. Excess of waste Icon waste.png in the city will negatively affect the surrounding buildings.

House Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 # of Ticks
House 1 / Era 1-3 House 1 1.png House 1 2.png House 1 3.png 8
House 1 / Era 4-7 House 1 1a.png House 1 2a.png House 1 3a.png House 1 4.png 8 (7 at lvl 4)
House 2 / Era 1-3 House 2 1.png House 2 2.png House 2 3.png 7
House 2 / Era 4-7 House 2 1a.png House 2 2a.png House 2 3a.png House 2 4.png 7 (6 at lvl 4)
House 3 / Era 1-3 House 3 1.png House 3 2.png House 3 3.png 5
House 3 / Era 4-7 House 3 1a.png House 3 2a.png House 3 3a.png House 3 4.png 5 (4 at lvl 4)
House 4 / Era 1-3 House 4 1.png House 4 2.png House 4 3.png 6
House 4 / Era 4-7 House 4 1a.png House 4 2a.png House 4 3a.png House 4 4.png 6 (5 at lvl 4)

Level 4 buildings

Remember, 4 Icon passengers.png at level 4 (and also Icon waste.png) will be generated only if both the Luxury extension and the building itself are electrified E energy.png
If you disconnect the electricity after the high rise building is built, it will stay as high rise, but it will become abandoned building.


Not only does it look like after Zombie Apocalypse, but there will be no passengers Icon passengers.png (nor waste Icon waste.png) generated until you bring the electricity E energy.png back.