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Original announcement
== Technical details ==
=== Implementation ===
The multiplayer is implemented as peer-to-peer with help of Steam API. It means, that one of the players is a host (server), which performs most of the game mechanics calculations. The other players are connected to the host as clients. Clients basically performs perform just graphics rendering. To make life easier, Mashinky provides a randevouz rendezvous server, which simplifies connecting with other people
Currently, there is no way to run the host standalone (headless) with all players connected as clients.
=== Game saving ===
The game can be saved as usual, including autosave. It means, that the game can be restarted from any save point. If no instance of the game is running, the first started instance will become the host, and other clients can reconnect to the game from the Randevouz Rendezvous server browser. Otherwise, separate and parallel instance of the game is spawned.
Do not hit the "Continue last game" button. This will load your last local save, and it will not connect you to the running host.
== Creating the game ==
=== Common game settings ===
These settings are selected uppon upon the new game creationstart, and is are the same for all the players in the gameand '''cannot be individually changed''':* '''Automatic versus manual signals'''
* Magic flip
* One depot
==== Track sharing ====
To enable track sharing, set a non-zero fee for using. The price is for 50squares each 50 squares used. Currently, the value is maxed to 1 green token, but it is planned to be more or less unlimited. Borders between trackk track owners are marked by a border stone. If you manually drive a train past the borderstone border stone to forbiden forbidden track, the train will crash.
==== Station sharing ====
=== Owner-only signal ===
A special typ type of signal is available, which allows only trains of the train track owner to pass the signal.  
== Original announcement ==
This are is the original announcement of the Multiplayer by Jan:
=== Connection & Server ===

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