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Coal Power Plant

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Industry Coal Power Plant is one of two sources of electricity in the game. It generates both Electricity Tokens [[File:token electricity.png|16px|link=Token]] and [[Electrification|'''electricity''']] for the electrical network burning coal [[File:icon coal.png|16px|link=Material]] mined at the '''[[Coal Mine]]s'''. ==Processes== The base building from fifth epoch that produces 1 Electricity tokens from Token [[File:token electricity.png|16px|link=Token]] burning 4 units of coal [[File:icon coal.png|16px|link=Material]] every 3 '''[[Game tick]]s'''. There are 3 extensions available, each increasing the token production by burning more coal faster. Fully upgraded Coal MinePower Plant generates 2.8 Electricity Tokens [[File:token electricity.png|16px|link=Token]] burning 7.3 units of coal [[File:icon coal.png|16px|link=Material]] and every '''[[Game tick]]'''. It also adds network capacity to [[Electrification|'''electrify''']] 17 more industrial complexes. ''Please note:'' While a fully upgraded power station generates more Electricity Tokens [[File:token electricity.png|16px|link=Token]] faster, it also burns through the fuel supply at the adjacent station much faster. The power plant generates [[Electrification|Electricity'''electricity''']]for your connected industry '''only''' when there is fuel available, otherwise all the connected industries lose the electrification bonus. It is advisable to upgrade the power plant only after you have well established supply line with sufficient fuel reserve.  Base building process is:
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