Iron Ore Mine

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Iron Ore Mine Default Model.PNG

The Iron Ore Mine is the source of Iron Ore Icon iron ore.png, it is used only by the Foundry where it is combined with Coal Icon coal.png in order to create Iron Icon iron.png. Iron Ore Mine is an Era II building, therefore when transitioning from the Early Steam Era to the Steam Era several Iron Ore Mines will appear in random locations across the map.


The base version of the Iron Ore Mine generates 1 Iron Ore Icon iron ore.png per Game tick. The mine can be extended with 4 extensions that can be placed on tiles adjacent to the mine. Three of the extensions provide an increase to the Iron Ore Icon iron ore.png output of the Mine, of these extensions the Second Headframe extension provides the largest increase to production output of the Iron Ore Mine. The Timber Tunnel Supports extension adds a new process that consumes Timber Icon timber.png while providing a large increase to Iron Ore Icon iron ore.png production. When all four upgrades are built onto the Iron Ore Mine, it consumes 0.4 Timber Icon timber.png and produces 4 Iron Ore Icon iron ore.png per tick.
There is a secret puzzle in Iron Ore Mine building: Try to build the extensions in a way that the small tracks for mining cars match. It will not add another bonus to the production, but it will become visually much more appealing.

The base building can be connected to the electrical network E energy.png from Era 5 onward, which will increase its production. The amount of electrification production bonus is shown in the brackets.

The base process of the Iron Ore Mine is:

Image Name Consumes Produces Ticks to
dimension (tiles)
Iron ore mine.png Iron ore mine - 2 Icon iron ore.png + (1 Icon iron ore.png)E energy.png 2 2x3


Image Name Cost Consumes Produces Ticks to
Building dimension
at epoch
Offices.png Offices 200 Token money.png - 1 Icon iron ore.png 2 1x2 -
Extended storage.png Extended storage 80 Token money.png
50 Token timber.png
- 2 Icon iron ore.png 4 1x3 -
Timber tunnel supports.png Timber tunnel supports 300 Token money.png
50 Token coal.png
2 Icon timber.png 5 Icon iron ore.png 5 1x1 -
Second headframe.png Second headframe 30 Token iron.png - 1 Icon iron ore.png 1 1x3 2