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Example of new quest

{ "value1", "value2"}

value1 = 0 -- Global variable

   function OnStart()                       -- callback when you add this script (usualy startinf conditions, values and some work for texts)
       UpdateCaption("Name of Quest")
       UpdateText("Quest text")
       AddButton("Button1", 0, -1, true)   -- Add button with tag = 0
       return true
   function OnLoad()                       -- Code loaded after you load a game file (write text, define tables, etc.)
       -- enter the code here
       return true
   -- Use some of game callbacks or your own functions (for example OnDay, OnCargoUnalod, OnSecond,...)
   function OnButton(tag)                  -- When you click ok button
       if (tag == 0) then                  -- If button has tag 0 
           -- enter code here
       return tag