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Mashinky is a strategy game created by Jan Zeleny.
The goal is to build your own transport imperium on a procedurally generated map.

The game is unique combination of realistic graphics
combined with an isometric construction mode
and board-like game rules.

A challenging business simulation game with everything cargo delivery can require.

The game is available on PC .

Scroll down for game details.

the addictive gameplay

on an isometric grid based map
where every change of a traffic layout is a rewarding puzzle.

Enjoy a realistic
3D landscape

Ride one of your trains
or just get mesmerized by the things you have built.

Invent new vehicles
or buildings

Extend or customize
your transport imperium.
Choose your own strategy based on current world opportunities.

See the evolutionary
historic moments

and grow your business through
the ages. From simple steam
to modern railways.
From wood to superconductors.

The player is an enterpreneur running his own transport company.
He needs to lay tracks on a difficult terrain, invent and build new vehicles,
define routes and compete against economy itself to make as much profit as possible.
By transporting passengers and cargo.

Inspired by the famous games from the 90s and especially by Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon.

Mashinky aims to combine the best from 3D visualisation and addictiveness of the isometric gameplay.
It all takes place on a procedurally generated world that acts as a sandbox with endless possibilities.
Finding the best strategy is never the same.

Every game is different. It's up to you to find the best opportunities,
invent the most fitting vehicles, expand industries and improve your stations.
It is up to you to adapt to the challenge.







Mashinky game
is currently in development.

You can support me the most by buying the game (Steam key) directly here:

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You can find all information about the game on steam store page:


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If you want to help me with the development, you can do it by donating.
I will invest these money to get more graphics / sound artists, to buy music licences
and to introduce some of planned features sooner
(namely multiplayer, other transport types, etc).

Thank you so much!

I am an indie
game developer.

I have learned a lot
while participating
in the development of
Mafia II, Mafia III and DayZ.