Game Access ’16

This weekend I will participate on a great event called Game Access ’16, International Game Developers Summit located here in Brno.


Organized by experienced professionals and veterans of the game industry, Game Access ’16 will be a great event for both beginning and professional game developers, programmers, graphic artists, designers, composers, managers and producers involved in the game development industry.

And in Friday 15th of April, I will have a speech at 6 pm about Logistics. The topic is

Isometric gameplay in 3D world
In this speech, I summarized benefits of translating game-play pillars from isometric games into fully 3D world. Where compromises are needed, what disadvantages or advantages it could brings. How it affects game-play itself and there will be also few tricks how to communicate mechanics to the player.
You can see slides here: SLIDES
And there was also new gameplay video: