GameDev Area Meetup #9

Yesterday, I participated on great event called GameDev Area Meetup #9 in Brno (LINK). It was awesome experience and I really enjoyed friendly non-formal atmosphere of many talented developers around. Thanks for such opportunity 😉


If anyone interested what was the topic of my presentation there, it was called “Logistics – Cesta k vlastnĂ­ hře” and here you can check PDF_SLIDES (Czech language only).

Interview on

My “15 minutes of fame” 🙂 … Interview about Logistics on one of the most popular Czech portal about games: (@gamescz). Thanks a lot guys! Especially to Pavel DobrovskĂ˝ (@ashnobe).

Czech language only.

In this video you can see some unannounced game mechanics and hear about brief history of Logistics development, my first steps and some of my previous experience from big game studios here in Czech Republic like 2K Czech and Bohemia Interactive.

What is Mashinky about?


It is an independent strategy video game created by Jan ZelenĂ˝. The combination of procedural generated challenges, realistic graphics and board-game-like straightforward rules. It is a challenging business simulation game with everything around cargo delivery. The player acts as a entrepreneur in control of a transport company. He needs to lay tracks on a difficult terrain, invent and buy new vehicles, project routes and compete against economical rules to make as much profit by transporting passengers and various cargo types as possible to beat other players score around the world.


I loved to play all these tycoon games in my childhood and have no similar opportunity in these days. I started at university with procedural generated landscapes, covered by simulated ecosystems with procedural generated L-system vegetation. Having working landscape generator / renderer, I experimented with board game rules and simple terrain chunks to achieve combination of old fashion isometric game and fully 3D realistic environment. Extending my diploma thesis, I realize that there is a potential and since then, I worked hard to deliver the best game I could even imagine…


– Procedural generated landscapes full of business opportunities, industry, towns.
– Two modes: Isometric schematic construction view and 3D realistic mode for taking a ride in one of your transport vehicle.
– Support for mods, customizable industries, vehicles, landscape types, vegetation etc.
– 7 eras from steam age to modern futuristic trains. Many research paths, building upgrades, stop customization and much more:)



I made a teaser for the game. It has been presented on GDS2015 conference and it shows the mood of the game and few seconds of game-play. Special for this purpose, I added a small “cutscene like” camera update to support smooth & pre-scripted camera movement. Thanks to this tech and few more debug features (hiding the GUI, mouse, etc) I was able to create this simple video (and thanks to Windows Movie Maker:D – I know there are more sophisticated tools for movie editing but I had only 2 evenings between the decision and presentation itself:)


Hope you will like it 😉

Mashinky has been anounced

After several years of lonely development, I decided to spread the word about this game and to start building a community that could help me finish and polish the final product.

The real story is kind of precipitous and hectic:
I was in touch with Pavel DobrovskĂ˝ (editor at Czech News Center) from last year’s Game Developer Session (GDS2014) and he asked me to show him actual build of the game at GDS2015. First plan was just to show him the version but there is an independent games showcase at the beginning of GDS every year and 3 days before conference I decided to create a small presentation of the game specially for this purpose.
3 days before conference I didn’t have even a name for the game:), nor domain registered, nor a single presentation material. There was only a temporal name for the game: Mashinky.

I made a teaser, decided to call this game Logistics, register domain and prepared few slides about the game pillars.
btw: The name LOGISTICS MASHINKY is there although the game will not be only about trains, but about Logistics in general.

And I am really glad I did it and presented the game on GDS2015 indie game showcase:) There was a huge and positive feedback from many game developers and visitors of the conference and it totally made my day!



New web

My old blog was not enough “time-saving” since I needed to update each post & rss feed manually. That’s why I switched to Word press and after few hours of experimenting, struggling, deleting etc I have a new blog. Huraay:)


Here I am going to post each development progress, ideas, news and basically everything about Logistics.